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Mold in Your Home or Business: Professional Help with Restoration and Recovery

8/29/2017 (Permalink)

Mold in Your Home or Business: Professional Help with Restoration and Recovery

Mold in a home can be debilitating. Unfortunately, stories of black mold, dry rot, mold growth behind walls and smelly odors plaguing homeowners, especially after water damage, are commonplace. Dry rot can have serious structural implications, mold growth during inspection can impact home value and commercial mold damage can result in disruption to business operations. Thankfully though, remediation is possible. Mold removal, remediation and mitigation are not easy, but professionals have established processes to combat fungus and mildew contamination. A restoration company can often bring a heavily contaminated facility or residence back to its original state following a specific procedural guideline.

First, a restoration company will identify and assess exactly what the mold damage is. After all, whether it is residential or commercial mold damage it is important to know what the follow on steps will entail to ensure thorough mold removal, remediation, and mitigation. Mold growth behind walls can be difficult to identify, which is why a restoration company utilizes experienced, knowledgeable examiners to pick out the mold damage. Once the company knows what they are dealing with, they begin the next step.

Containment of the mold in a home or business is the next step in the process. A restoration company will often utilize multiple methods of containing mold growth, including negative air pressure to prevent the spread of spores as well as physical barriers. Regardless, any equipment creating an air current such as fans or heating and air conditioning will be deactivated in order to stop the spread of the spores.

After containing the mold growth, air filtration will begin. Filtering the air requires special equipment, so as to ensure the spores helping create the horrendous, smelly odor are captured and properly disposed of. This is the first step in deodorization. Deodorization is key to returning a home to its original resale value and returning businesses to original operating ability. HEPA vacuums and air scrubbers are typically allowed to work for a while before a restoration company will proceed in removal of the existing mold damage.

The next step in mold removal is identifying and physically removing mold infested materials. Physical mold removal will assist in deodorization of the smelly odor, and can help in identifying further mold damage originally hidden behind obstacles. In the case of mold growth behind walls, physical mold removal can mean the removal of drywall and paneling. For dry rot, black mold and other fungus this could mean removal and disposal of appliances, other furnishings and flooring. Fungus and mildew are invasive, so this particular step can be very time consuming.

Once the mold infested materials are removed, remediation can move on to mitigation by cleaning all the items on the interior of the structure. Sanitization is key to mitigation of future fungus and mildew growth, as nothing could be worse than to endure the process only to have smelly odor, dry rot or black mold return later on. For commercial mold damage, cleaning can be a time intensive task, depending on the amount and size of equipment required to be cleaned. For mold in a home, it can sometimes result in owners needing to part with personal items incapable of enduring the requisite cleaning procedure.

With cleaning of the interior and items complete, the final step for dealing with commercial mold damage or mold in a home is restoration of the structure. Finalizing deodorization will take place via various methods, sometimes with additional air filtration. Sections removed to combat mold growth behind walls will be replaced. Regardless of where the mold growth occurred, the mildew stains will be cleaned and painted over to at least mask its presence if unable to be removed. Finally, another inspection will take place to ensure that nothing like black mold or some other mold growth accidentally escaped notice or removal. By the end of the restoration, the home or business will be renewed to its state prior to the mold contamination. Then the home or business owner will be able to reoccupy the building and resume day to day life.
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Finding The Right Professional Fire Damage Restoration Company

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Finding The Right Professional Fire Damage Restoration Company

Dealing with a fire in business or fire in a home can be very overwhelming to business owners and homeowners. A prompt commercial fire damage restoration by using sophisticated industrial equipment is very vital to prevent an escalation of the damage and salvage valuable items.

Using a standard vacuum cleaner to conduct DIY fire cleanup project is rarely enough to board up a fire in a home or a fire in business. In the wake of a fire in home or fire in business, victims are faced with various issues such as insurance, salvaging valuable belongings, and arranging for temporary housing.

Unfortunately, all this drama can be a very costly ordeal because a fire disaster requires repairs and several renovations for an overhaul cleanup of the smoke damage and soot damage caused to the affected residential or commercial building. In such cases, the services of certified and experienced fire restoration company are very crucial.

Effects of fire damage

According to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), delayed commercial fire damage cleanup procedures can amount to grievous ramifications. Fire damage, soot damage, and smoke damage are all powerful contaminators in their own right. Therefore, immediate intervention is necessary to reduce the restoration costs of a fire cleanup projects.

The acidic residue that is left behind after a fire in home or fire in business can cause discoloration of plastics. Alabaster and marble materials can be marred permanently by the residue leaving behind substantial losses to the entire property.

Furthermore, the acidic soot damage can cause yellowing to the bath fixtures and countertops within minutes after a fire in a home or a fire in business. Exposed metal and other appliances in your home or office can also discolor in a smoke damage or fire damage. Within days, the acid residues can also discolor walls and corrode metals. The textiles, upholstery, and clothing can be stained permanently.

Choosing the right restoration company

Here are the features to look for when choosing a commercial fire damage mitigation company:


You need to choose a fire damage restoration company that can board up adequately and promptly in combating further damage. Ensure that the restoration company is licensed to offer smoke damage and soot damage mitigation services to remove smoke smell and contain commercial fire damage in your property.


In addition, the commercial fire damage restoration company that you choose should have technicians certified by the IICRC. You can use IICRC's online search tool to check out some of the certified companies in your area who are certified to remove the smoke smell and offer smoke damage, soot damage, and fire cleanup services. The certified firms are backed up by a CleanTrust™ logo. This is a badge that is given out to commercial fire damage restoration service providers who meet the certification standards of IICRC.

Experience and equipment

Hire commercial fire damage restoration companies with experience in dealing with fire cleanup, smoke damage, soot damage, and removing smoke smell from a fire in home or fire in business. An established commercial fire restoration company that has the right equipment to board up and perform an extensive fire cleanup project can help you in limiting the repair costs required for restoring fire damage in a commercial or residential building.

Technology and professionalism

Box fans and ceilings are not enough to disperse smoke smell and bad odors after fire damage. A credible commercial fire damage company with industrial fire cleanup technology that can board up adequately is your best bet in dealing with fire damage. Efforts by first responders to unprofessionally extinguish a fire using water can worsen the damage. You should also try out other quick salvaging methods such as laundering and vacuuming to control the escalation of the problem before the professional fire damage restoration company technicians arrive.
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Signs Showing You Need Professional Water Damage Mitigation

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Signs Showing You Need Professional Water Damage Mitigation

Residential and commercial building owners often hire professional water damage technicians after the floods, interior pipe break, supply line break, or water in home overflow. Instead, you should shift your attention to putting in place the mitigation measures to prevent supply line break and future water damage. You can save money by having the strategies to avoid a flooded home, pipe break, water in business buildings, and water cleanup services.

Is it time to work on the siding and avoiding a pipe break?

A Functional Siding to Prevent Flood Damage

One of the mitigation strategies homeowners need to keep their houses safe from flood damage is a functional siding. The regular inspection of the water system to avoid a supply line break is necessary. Your siding can protect the walls of your building and stop the wild flood water from entering your home.

The Damaged Siding

An old siding cannot prevent water in business surrounding penetrating the building. The barrier around your house ensures the structural integrity of buildings remains intact always. However, moisture can gradually seep into your home leading to structural damage or mold growth and require you to hire a technician to offer water cleanup and drying services.

The Dangers of Strong Winds and Flooded Home

Should strong wind or storms gradually destroy the siding, the homeowner will end up with a weakened barrier and flood damage. To the untrained eye, the siding may look okay, but it is advisable to have a restoration company professional assess your building and recommend the mitigation steps necessary to avoid water in home damage. The mitigation measures and restoration procedures include the repair of the crumbling siding and drying of the house. If moisture or water gets seeps through the siding into the interior of your home, you will eventually have discoloration on the walls or water spots on the floor.

Sometimes, the water damage is not so obvious, so there are signs that the flood damage restoration professional will inspect.

High energy bills: If you notice changes in your heating and cooling needs, you need to
find out whether there is an air escape through the wall insulation because of water damage.

Bubbling surface: The presence of bubbles beneath the floor shows that you need the siding replacement because water is trapped under the floor.

Frequent painting: When your home needs painting every 3 to 5 years, you had better hire a restoration company to carry out a water damage inspection.

Rotting: The absorption of moisture can lead to the warping or rotting of the siding. A flood damage expert can check the under layer to ascertain its solidness.

Loose wallpaper: Sometimes, the peeling off of wall paint is an indication of moisture damage getting past the wallboard and the need for a water cleanup and drying exercise.

Fungus or mold: If you see mildew, mold, or fungus inside your home, it may be a sign of water by and by penetrating into the home.

Dry rot: Any tapping on your siding indicates some soft spots and the potential for floods to wreck your house.

The siding has holes: Holes in your siding means you can have unnecessary water in home during the rains or the snow time.

Loose and cracked board: Typically, boards crack or become loose when hit by storms. You should not forget to have a water damage restoration company inspect the area underneath the boards for water leakages and structural weaknesses.

A Reliable Flooded Home Restoration Company

The frequent inspection of your residence by a reliable flooded home restoration company can help to prevent flood damage. The yearly inspection and restoration exercise of your commercial property can help to avoid the dangers of a supply line break and the destruction that flooded water in business premises causes. The restoration company can also provide home restoration, water cleanup, and drying services of the water in home or water in business when a pipe break leads to a flooded home.
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Mitigating Water Damage

7/25/2017 (Permalink)

Mitigating Water Damage

One of the most common instances of damage to the home or business is due to standing water in the home or water in the business. Aside from it commonality, water damage can lead to very costly repairs due to its unpredictable nature and the myriad of ways in which it can affect a home or business. Water in the business or water in the home, because of the wide array of ways they can be affected by it, may need several different restoration methods in order to fully complete the water cleanup process and return them back to their previous conditions. Because damage mitigation is essential, there are few necessary steps to take when your home or business is affected by flood damage, all of which may help to expedite the process when done correctly. The first step in restoring your home or business in the wake of flood damage is to contact your insurance company. When contacting your insurance company, be sure to include all of the pertinent information, such as contact info and the level of damage that your home or business has accrued. In contacting your insurance company, it is important to get the proper understanding of your own personal responsibility in regards to the water damage, while also remembering that the insurance company is working for you, and should be held accountable for their role in the restoration process. Many insurance companies normally have a working relationship with the local restoration companies available in your area and should be able to recommend several that would be able to effectively assist you in the process. Gaining a full understanding of the responsibilities of the restoration company of your choosing is imperative. Many restoration companies are only licensed to clean up the standing water in the water cleanup process and a separate company may need to be contacted in order fulfill the entire process. Some restoration companies may be licensed by the state to handle repairs beyond the water damage, helping to quicken the entire process. The average restoration company is available 24 hours a day due to the unpredictable nature of water damage.

A supply line break is often one of the major culprits to water in the home or water in a business. A flooded home due to a supply line break can be hidden or exposed. Because a flooded home due to a hidden supply line break can flow continuously for some time before it is discovered, mitigation of further damage is very difficult. For the mitigation of damage due to a supply line break, it is imperative that the problem is discovered and addressed as soon as possible. A pipe break is a very common occurrence, as it can be due to inclement weather that may cause freezing, old and rusty pipes that are no longer capable of serving their initial purpose, or a spontaneous accident. Assessing the damage is one of the first jobs of the company that you choose to handle a flooded home. In this assessment, the restorers will look to find the source of the problem immediately for further damage mitigation.

Flood damage due to water in the business or water in the home will undergo a drying process immediately after the water is removed. Drying is essential to the water cleanup process. If the drying process is not implemented immediately, microbial life may begin to grow, causing a myriad of new issues. If the water damage is due to a pipe break, the pipe break must be discovered and fixed prior to the drying process, which may require more than one restoration company, depending on the location and severity of the break and the licenses allotted to the restoration company. Water cleanup for a flooded home may be the result of a pipe break or a myriad of other possibilities, and immediate action must be taken for the mitigation of flood damage.
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Five Ways to Avoid Burnout When Handling a Fire Damage Restoration

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Five Ways to Avoid Burnout When Handling a Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage to a home or business can cause many problems to both the structure of the building and the way individuals operate in day to day life. Individuals who have recently experienced fire damage are often overwhelmed with the many tasks that must be completed before the damaged building is ready to be used again. When attempting to restore a damaged building, owners must attempt to handle issues with the building's structure, eliminate the smoke smell that often lingers long after the fire has been extinguished, address any smoke and soot damage may have occurred, and connect with an individual insurance and restoration company in order to establish secure repayment methods. For those currently struggling with efforts to eliminate damage caused by fire in the home or business, here are five tips to avoid burnout when handling a fire damage restoration.

Hire a Qualified Fire Damage Restoration Company Immediately

One of the biggest mistakes home and business owners make, following a fire in business or home facilities, is the delay in contacting a reputable fire damage restoration company. Owners should contact a restoration company within in the first week of the incident to ensure that any preventable damage is spotted as soon as possible. When owners wait too long to contact their chosen restoration company they run the risk of allowing fire, smoke, and soot damage to spread more than it should. A qualified restoration company can also help customers to keep financial burdens down since professionals are able to complete tasks associated with fire damage restoration in an accurate and timely fashion.

Take the Time to Appropriately Access the Damage

It is also vital that fire damage customers take the time to have all damages appropriately accessed. In many cases, customers seeking fire cleanup services waste thousands of dollars because they fail to have an expert access the damage before beginning fire cleanup procedures.

Begin the Restoration Process With an Open Mind

Owners of establishments that have become effected by fire damage should also approach the entire restoration process with an open mind. A natural tendency after any emergency situation is to panic and become overwhelmed, but these reactions will not be helpful to the restoration process. A fire in the home or a fire in the business can be a traumatic experience to everyone involved, and restoration customers should expect damage estimates to be more extensive than originally expected. Smoke damage can silently destroy structural beams and other vital pieces of a building and the smoke smell can be impossible to eliminate from others. Additionally, soot damage can cause devastating effects following a fire in a home or business and must be professionally accessed. These factors may be difficult to spot for the average facility owner and could cause estimates to increased, specifically in the case of commercial fire damage.

Take the Advise of Experts

After receiving an initial estimate, clients seeking fire cleanup services should take the advise of experts in the field. Fire cleanup experts are generally aware of the delicate situation that most owners find themselves in and do not seek to exploit those in vulnerable positions following a fire in the business or home facility. Typically, smoke damage or soot damage will create a necessity for certain areas to be boarded up, extensively cleaned, or replaced. In cases where experts suggest that certain areas should be boarded up, clients should be sure to document the position of the area that requires the attention. Areas that are boarded up may become problematic in the future, so clients should ensure that the restoration company is capable of handling professional boarding up procedures.

Take the Proper Precautions to Avoid Any Future Fires in Home or Business Facilities

Clients who have suffered from a fire in the business or home, especially those with commercial fire damage or commercial smoke damage, should take precautions to avoid this devastation in the future. Smoke damage and unwanted smoke smells can be costly to eliminate following commercial fire damage. For this reason, an investment in fire proofing methods such as sprinkler systems and fire equipment can be beneficial to prevent commercial fire damage and lingering, unwanted smoke smells.
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Understanding the Benefits of Professional Mold Remediation

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Understanding the Benefits of Professional Mold Remediation

As a homeowner or business owner, you want to make sure that you're doing everything in your power to keep the property looking its best. The issue that a lot of people have is extensive mold growth. This mold growth behind walls can be problematic because it is difficult to spot with your own two eyes, but it can be hazardous to your entire family. While you might assume that you can do the mitigation, mold removal and remediation on your own, it is often best left to the expert mitigation professionals.

How to Spot Mold Damage

The best way for you to spot mold growth, mold growth behind walls and commercial mold damage is by sight and smell. That smelly odor associated with mold is readily apparent, making it effortless to know if you're experiencing a mold problem in your home or business. Black mold and dry rot often like to hide in areas that are damp and dark, so your attic and crawlspace are two of the most common places you'll find this specific type of mold growth. Many times, you'll need to hire a company to come in and check for both mildew and fungus in the home if you are having issues finding it yourself.

What to Do if You See Mold Growth or Mold Growth Behind a Wall

If you spot mildew, fungus or mold growth behind walls in your home, it's time to contact a local professional mold removal remediation company. Black mold is very dangerous to be living around, so mold removal is beneficial in that it gets rid of the source of the problem so that mildew and fungus are no longer an issue. Mold damage is difficult to get rid of on your own if you're currently experiencing mold in the home. Commercial mold damage can be dangerous for you, your workers and your customers, so you need mold damage experts to come in and get rid of the fungus and mildew for you.

Understanding the Basics of Mold Removal, Mitigation and Remediation

Commercial mold damage and deodorization can easily be done by the experts. This type of removal is done using a variety of tools, sprays, chemicals and products. The area will be left free of black mold so that you and your family can feel comfortable living there. You can also get rid of the dry rot and smelly odor that is associated with black mold and mold in the home. Mold damage can be almost impossible to handle all on your own, so be sure to hire the professionals who can use deodorization to rid the home or business of that smelly odor.

Hiring an Expert Mold Removal and Remediation Company

The restoration company is there to get rid of that smelly odor using their own deodorization techniques. Once you make the decision to get rid of commercial mold damage, you'll be well on your way to having a clean and healthy environment. The restoration company can handle the mold in the home. The dry rot as well as all the mold in the home can benefit from expert mitigation. The restoration company will charge a reasonable fee to have this type of work done for you.

What to Expect with the Pros

Once you hire a restoration company, you can expect them to get rid of the dry rot that is in your home. This also includes any deodorization that needs to be done to keep your home smelling and looking its best. While the company does charge a fee for their services, it is well worth the price that you pay because of the fact that you can feel confident knowing that they are there to help you out and restore your home or business back to working order. There are a lot of people hiring these companies with great success.
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Why You Should Call a Professional To Care For Water Damage

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Why You Should Call a Professional To Care For Water Damage

Water damage causes a plethora of issues many home and business owners never consider. They simply want their building back to its former glory, and they don’t take the time to realize there is a chance their building is becoming worse by the moment. The longer water damage sits unresolved in a home or office allows the damage to grow. All mold needs is a small amount of moisture for spores to get into it and grow. Once mold forms in a little bit of moisture caused by a leak or a sewage backup in the home or office, it takes less than three days to spread throughout the entire house.

This is one of the many reasons professional water damage restoration is imperative following a leak, burst pipe, backup, or flood damage. It might seem as though all people need to do is get the water out of the house or business by drying it quickly, but it’s more than that. Water cleanup is a precise job with specific needs, and drying flood damage or water damage is not nearly as simple as people imagine.

Professional Restoration

Call for water damage restoration and mitigation is imperative following the discovery of any water in the home or water in the office. Water in the home means a leak or flood damaged the house, and it means mold might already be growing. It’s time to call a professional for mitigation to perform water cleanup and the proper drying process, and it means learning how to prevent it from occurring in the future. There might not be much anyone can do when a flood occurs, but there are many things mitigation can teach home and business owners about preventing future water damage in the home from other sources.

The Benefits of Mitigation

When a professional restoration service is called to handle water and/or flood damage, it means learning more about the process, how it’s done, and it means things are handled adequately and correctly on the first go. The drying process requires the use of heavy-duty professional equipment, which is not something the average home or business owner has just lying around. When someone finds water in the business, they might assume they can use the towels in the bathroom to clean it up. When water in the business isn’t cleaned properly, it’s bad news.

This equipment helps guarantee the damage is cared for immediately, and that it’s cleaned up thoroughly. The other benefit of hiring a professional restoration and mitigation company is safety. They know to turn off the power when they find water in the home or water in the business before they walk through to assess the damage. They know to check for wildlife in flood waters. They are aware tropical storms and hurricanes displace more than just home and business owners.

The financial benefit of calling a professional is also important. When someone finds water in the home or water in the business, they know it must go through the drying process immediately. They don’t know that incorrectly doing this means making mistakes that aren’t always noticeable right away. When incorrect cleaning occurs, there is a greater chance a home or business owner might find more damage later.

People don’t always know to check for the source of the leak when it comes through a wall. They just clean it up and hope things aren’t going to cause more damage. They don’t know to get their septic cleaned out periodically until it’s too late. They don’t know how quickly mold forms and spreads, and they don’t realize the extent of damage that might occur when a flood or other water source makes its way in a home or office.

Water and flood damage requires more than little water cleanup. This kind of water cleanup is often time-consuming, and it must be done correctly. This is where the professionals are useful. They know the process, how to go through it efficiently, and they save you a lot of money in the long run.
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The Fire Damage Restoration Process Explained

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The Fire Damage Restoration Process Explained

The fire damage restoration or fire cleanup process can get rid of smoke damage, soot damage and smoke smell and reverse the damage caused by a residential or commercial fire damage, allowing you to get back to normal activities as quickly as possible.

The days following a fire in business or fire in home can be overwhelming. But you need to deal with the situation right away. Surrounded by your flame-damaged and soot-covered belongings, it’s easy to ignore the big issues. But it's important to have proper disaster planning, preparation and fire damage restoration.

Smoke damage, soot damage and smoke smell are some of the issues that you need to address after a residential or commercial fire damage. And the sooner you deal with the fire cleanup the better. Fire damage professionals are available to help you handle a fire in home or fire in business situation appropriately.

From the get-go, it is extremely important to stay organized amidst the fire damage, smoke damage and soot damage that have occurred in your property. Take notes on every correspondence and conversation with restoration professionals and your insurance company, because in a chaotic situation, such as a residential or commercial fire damage, miscommunication can occur. Save all documents and receipts, and only provide photocopies upon request.

When you use the services of a fire damage company however, these professionals will in fact provide a vast range of services and fire in home or fire in business solutions that combined provide fire cleanup and mitigation. While the full range of residential or commercial damage restoration services offered will vary among companies, most will nevertheless adhere to the same pattern or process. Here is the standard fire cleanup process followed by professionals.

Contact A Fire Damage Company

The most fire damage mitigation companies provide emergency services. They're are able to respond quickly when you call them and they will handle the situation promptly. This is an essential feature to look for when seeking fire damage restoration help.

Once the fire has been put out, you will still need professional fire damage services to prevent additional to your property. The longer you wait before getting help the more severe the damage gets.


Once the fire damage restoration professionals arrive at your location they will perform an assessment of the damage. Residential or commercial fire damage professionals will typically look at the extent of the soot damage and the smoke damage and how badly affected the furniture and walls have been. Then they will come up with a restoration plan and an estimate of the cost.

Tarp and Sealing

Once the restoration process begins, these professionals take precautions to prevent further damage. For instance, if there is a leak in the wall or in the roof, the technicians will start by fixing that.

If the fire has caused a pipe or water tank to burst, restoration technicians will take immediate action to fix the problem before it gets worse and spreads to other areas of the building.

Clean Up

After a fire in home or fire in business, the building often looks dark, charred and stained. Fire damage restoration professionals begin the clean-up aspect of the restoration process begins by cleaning away soot, smoke, dust and smoke smell from the surfaces. They will take appropriate steps to clean up all the smoke damage, soot damage and smoke smell and restore the property back as normal as possible.


Dealing with fire in home or fire in business can be very stressful, and requires professional assistance. It is important to call a fire damage restoration company that specializes in fire cleanup and the complete repair of smoke damage, soot damage and smoke smell to both residential and commercial properties.

With preparation, quality resources and reliable fire cleanup technicians in place, you and your loved ones or colleagues will handle the process of residential or commercial fire damage recovery.
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How Professionals Go About Mold Removal and Remediation

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How Professionals Go About Mold Removal and Remediation

When it comes to mold removal and remediation, it’s always wise to hire a professional mold mitigation crew.

The main steps in mold removal and mitigation:

The mold deodorization process helps prevent spores from getting into the air. As such, you should always wear protective gear while performing fungus remediation. Your protective equipment depends on the severity of the mold damage. The most common protective gear for remediation of mold in home facilities includes:
• Goggles
• Protective clothing that can be easily cleaned
• Dust filter mask
• Gloves

Contain mold spores

It’s wise to seal off the area affected by the mold to prevent mold spores from spreading to the rest of your home. You can use duct tape to cover vents and doorways to prevent mold damage from spreading. You also need to minimize dust as fungus spores often stick to dust. Fungus spores are spread around your home in the form of dust.

Use of negative pressure

You may use negative pressure for deodorization of mold in home facilities. Run an exhaust fan blowing out of a partially opened door or window to blow dust and smelly odor out of your house. That way fungus spores and smelly odor that were left stirred up during the mold mitigation process will be blown outside. Turn off any air conditioning systems before you begin the mold removal process.

Removing the mildew

Mold spores are most likely to stir up in the air during the mildew deodorization process. Nonetheless, you can reduce this by moistening any dry mold. Dry mold growth often allows spores to escape into the air when disturbed. You can use a spray bottle to moisten the dry mildew. After wetting the dry mold, use a disinfectant for mildew remediation. Different disinfectants will work better for different surfaces. Some of the common mold disinfectants include:
• Ammonia
• Vinegar
• Borax

Use detergents to clean all surfaces that had mold growth. It’s also wise to clean even surfaces that were not affected by mold because mold spores are likely to spread to the entire room. Note that mold spores can grow if moisture accumulates into your house. Therefore, use disinfectant to kill them to prevent mold growth.

Cleaning moldy items

Non-porous materials such as hard plastic, metal, and glass can be used once again after thoroughly cleaning the visible commercial mold damage. Cleaning is enough to remove mold from a non-porous material. For a porous material such as carpets, drywall, and books, you should decide whether they are salvageable or not. That depends on the severity of commercial mold damage and the value of an item. If an item is not highly valuable and is beyond repair, get rid of it.

Vacuum cleaning

After removing the mold and disinfecting the affected surfaces, allow your flooring and walls to dry up. Once everything is completely dried up, use a filtered vacuum cleaner to remove residue spores and mold. Use the internet to find out more about mold mitigation process.

Get rid of the mold

Once you are done with the deodorization process, use sealed plastic bags to remove moldy items and contents of vacuum cleaners from your home. If possible, don’t pass the plastic bags through the living room. Take them directly to the outside through a door or window in the affected room.

Cause of mold growth

Water damage is the leading cause of mold in home facilities. Mold growth not only destroys furniture, walls, flooring, and carpets but also result in a smelly odor. The leading causes of mold damage include broken pipes, clogged toilets, plumbing leaks, and floods. Commercial mold damage can be destructive. It causes rusting of steel and rotting of wood. Sometimes, you may not see any visible mold damage, but you can detect a smelly odor. As such, there is a likelihood of commercial mold damage in hidden places.
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Benefits of Water Damage Remediation

5/15/2017 (Permalink)

Benefits of Water Damage Remediation

Water in home and water in business could lead to devastating results as it creates the perfect growth environment for mold and bacteria. It is, therefore, crucial that you contact an expert in water damage remediation as soon as possible to address water leaks and flood damage, and perform the necessary mitigation.

Most of such damage can be prevented or minimized with appropriate and timely remediation. Water damage remediation could be as simple as vacuuming up the water and drying out a room, or as complex as rebuilding an entire section of your home or business building. Restoring your home back to its livable, pre-damaged condition involves a series of processes, including water cleanup, decontamination, and moisture removal, among others. Some of the benefits of water damage restoration are highlighted next.

Mold Growth Prevention

The consequences of water in home and flooding are often experienced within the first 48 hours in the form of mold growth. Even after removal of the standing water, mold will still grow on surfaces that remain wet or damp for prolonged periods, thus necessitating elaborate water cleanup. However, mold growth will not always be visible as it can occur deep within the flooring materials and under carpets, thus making it essential to contact a professional to remove such contamination before it develops into a major problem.

Protection of Your Belongings

Water in business as a consequence of floods, leaks, or pipe bursts can easily cause immense destruction on your furnishing and paperwork. Professional water restoration will rectify the situation by removing the water and initiating the moisture removal process.

Prevention of Structural Damage

Prolonged exposure of your drywall, wood elements, and subfloors to excessive moisture will often lead to devastating water damage. After water cleanup, thorough drying should be performed as soon as possible, preferably by a professional to prevent serious permanent damage that may necessitate extensive repair and replacement.

Reduction of the Total Remediation Costs

Allowing your residential or commercial property to sit with standing water for prolonged periods could lead to escalated flood damage, ultimately resulting into higher than anticipated restoration costs.Timely water extraction will go a long way in saving you from incurring unnecessary expenses.

The Water Restoration Process

Water or flood damage remediation is often a multi-step procedure that ought to be handled by a certified, licensed, and experienced water restoration contractor. The appropriate removal of water in home and water in business consists of the following steps:

• Initial Visual Inspection: This includes a thorough initial assessment that is purposed at determining the appropriate action to be taken in reversing the negative effects of the flood damage
• Water Extraction: This involves the removal of all standing water and wet materials on the floor, such as throw rugs, toys, clothing, and pillows from the affected area. This is followed by removal of any wet surfaces on ceilings, walls, and floors, which help in expediting the drying process.
• Stabilizing and Drying: Water in business extraction and subsequent removal of wet materials is closely followed by the drying process. Professionals will often employ state-of-the-art equipment to expedite this process, including dehumidifiers, air movers, and water heaters to generate dry air while enhancing air circulation and evaporation.
• Monitoring of the drying process: Structural drying is closely followed by a thorough inspection. This is conducted by certified technicians to ensure that there are no hidden pockets of moisture that could lead to further water-related damage and mold growth.
• Reconstruction: After successful mitigation of moisture damage and subsequent restoration of the structure to a dry standard, reconstruction often follows. Some structures and building materials will need to be replaced. At the end of reconstruction, your dwelling place will be safe, healthy, and restored to its pre-damaged state.

Adequate removal of water in home and water in business will essentially reduce the possibility of dangerous microorganism multiplying and spreading in your dwelling place. Water cleanup can efficiently be executed by experienced professionals in such damage mitigation, which will also make certain that neither the structure of your home or business building nor the health of your family and employees are compromised. Visit for more information on water damage.