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What Is the Cleanup Process for Homes Affected by Fires?

7/18/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage What Is the Cleanup Process for Homes Affected by Fires? After a fire an assessment is performed on your Schick,IL home

What is Involved in Fire Cleanup Process

After your home in Schick,IL, sustains fire and smoke damage, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, and you will likely want to start the cleanup process immediately. Many homeowners are unsure of what is involved in fire cleanup, but understanding this process can help you to plan for what's ahead.

1. Assessment and Board-Up

Immediately after a fire has occurred, an assessment is performed on your home. An assessment will allow restoration experts to see the extent of the fire and soot damage, and experts can often give you an estimate of how long cleanup and restoration will take based on this assessment. Additionally, board-up services that cover exposed walls and windows can help to protect your home from outside elements.

2. Removing Soot and Smoke

After your home has been assessed and board-up services are complete, removing soot and smoke from your home is often the next step. Both smoke damage and soot can have a lasting impact on your home, and for the cleanup process to move forward, it's helpful for smoke and soot to be removed from your home. DIY methods of removing smoke and soot are often ineffective, and in order to ensure that smoke and soot is removed from your home, it can be useful to contact fire damage restoration professionals.

3. Cleaning and Restoration

The final steps in the fire cleanup process generally involve cleaning and restoration. Even after soot and smoke are removed, smoke cleaning is performed by ozone machines and air scrubbers in order to fully restore the air quality and eliminate the odor of smoke inside the home. Your home will also be sanitized and cleaned using specialized methods. Additionally, timely restoration can often bring damaged items, such as upholstery, carpets and even documents, back to life.

Fire and smoke damage can devastate a home, and uncertainty about the cleanup process can make you feel more stressed. You can feel prepared for the cleanup and restoration process by knowing that the cleanup process often involves an assessment and board-up, soot and smoke removal, and cleaning and restoration.

The Importance of a Security Fence After a Fire

6/27/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage The Importance of a Security Fence After a Fire Protect your property in Keeneyville, IL after a fire with security fencing

The Importance of a Security Fence After a Fire

After your business or commercial properties have been affected by fire, the security of your entire company could be at risk. Naturally, officials from the fire department or public safety will tell you when it is safe for personnel to enter the building or stay away, but what about the equipment, belongings, and buildings? A temporary security fence could be the thing you need to protect against

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Trespassing
  • Looters
  • Liability

After emergency teams leave your property, you'll be responsible for the security of the land, buildings, and possessions inside the buildings. If someone gets hurt on that property, even if they are there without permission, you could be liable for those injuries.

Potential Dangers to Intruders

There are a number of potentially dangerous situations after a fire. Although fire damage remediation and reconstruction professionals may be coming and going, other people may trespass while those professionals are away. Those interlopers could be exposed to leaking gas, damaged electric lines, slips on water, or weakened floors. A security fence around your property may keep these intruders out and protect you from legal actions.

Damages Done by Trespassers

If unauthorized people enter your property and cause further damage, your insurance company may refuse to pay for those damages. On the other hand, your agent may recommend installing fencing around the perimeter of your Keeneyville, IL, commercial property. When this is the case, act quickly on the advice of the agent to prevent new damages.

Protect Your Property With Security Fencing

Fire damage can be a source of a lot of destruction. The installation of a security fence could prevent new harm and legal charges. When it's safe to return to your property, but construction hasn't yet been completed, tightened security may reduce losses due to theft, vandalism and damages that the insurance company won't cover, and legal liability for injuries that trespassers suffer.

4 Crucial Steps To Take After a Pipe Burst

6/25/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial 4 Crucial Steps To Take After a Pipe Burst Contact your insurance company

4 Crucial Steps To Take After a Pipe Burst

Over time, your commercial building may be vulnerable to a variety of perils, including bursting pipes and water damage. In addition to making a mess, significant water seepage can threaten the integrity of your facility and business operations. To minimize downtime and preserve your property and financial investments, you should complete several crucial tasks when a pipe breaks.

1. Shut Off the Water Supply

If a pipe breaks inside your facility, you should promptly restrict flow to the damaged supply line by turning off the water main. Then, contact a licensed plumber to fix the broken pipe and restore your building's water supply.

2. Contact Your Insurance Company

Most commercial insurance policies cover a variety of incidents, including bursting pipes. You should contact your agent to verify specific coverage details and initiate a claim. To receive compensation, you may need to provide video or photographic evidence of the destruction as well as a list of damaged items and their value.

3. Commence Cleanup Efforts

If not promptly cleaned, extensive water infiltration can result in mold contamination. To prevent this, promptly soak up standing fluid and remove saturated items from the area. Because wet building materials, such as drywall, insulation and carpeting, can harbor mold spores, you should also discard these items.
Once damp objects are removed, commence drying efforts. To expedite the process, utilize fans and dehumidifiers. A professional water damage restoration company can help you manage the project and efficiently complete these important procedures.

4. Ensure the Space Is Dry

Finalizing repairs and resuming normal business operations are likely your next top priorities. However, replacing carpet and drywall before the space is fully dry may result in secondary damage requiring mold remediation. To minimize this risk, employ moisture meters to verify the absence of dampness before proceeding.
Bursting pipes can cause significant water damage inside any Schick, IL, building. A prompt response can minimize financial loses, protect your building from additional destruction and make it appear “Like it never even happened."

What You Should Know About Filing an Insurance Claim for Water Damage

6/13/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage What You Should Know About Filing an Insurance Claim for Water Damage Water damage in an Ontarioville, IL home

Water damage can wreak havoc on your home in Ontarioville,IL, and can lead to some pretty unpleasant outcomes. It's important to deal with any destruction as soon as it occurs. Filing an insurance claim right away may end up benefitting you in more ways than one. Here are the steps you should take if your home has been affected.

Document the Damage

Undoubtedly, your insurance company will want to see the destruction that has occurred. Be sure to take pictures before anything is moved so that everything is properly documented. Write down any items that you may need to be reimbursed for. You will want to give your insurance company as much information as possible about each of your possessions. Here is are some things they may ask about your belongings:

  • How long you've had it
  • The original price
  • Where you bought it
  • The model number

Go Over Your Policy

Generally, it is a good idea to review your policy before you file an insurance claim. This way you can understand what type of coverage you have when you call your company. You may find that the amount that you are reimbursed depends on what caused the damage in the first place. Often times, if you've had a pipe burst or been through a natural disaster such as a flood, you are more likely to receive money than if you had a plumbing issue or a problem with a household appliance that you left untreated for a long period of time. Issues that arise due to negligence may not be covered.

Filing an insurance claim is a process, so you want to make sure you cover all of your bases before you call your company. If you are unsure about anything in your policy, ask questions. The sooner you get this taken care of, the better off you'll be when you call a water damage specialist to come take care of the issue.

Flood Preparation for Commercial Buildings

5/30/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Flood Preparation for Commercial Buildings Commercial Water Loss due to Flooding.

As far as natural disasters are concerned, flooding can be among the most costly. While you cannot always determine when a flood is going to happen, it is useful to take preventative measures. This will not only help keep your employees safe, but it will help protect your business and profit.

Flood Preparation

Contract a Mitigation Company

Have a mitigation company in mind before you end up with a flood on your hands. After a flood, it is better to have a professional service to call as soon as possible. They will be able to assess the damage done to your building and put forth a restoration plan. They will also be able to deal with dangerous black water. In contracting a professional, you are more likely to have your business up and running quickly.

Utilize Data and Cloud Backups

As the flooding occurs, you might not have time to save your electronics. While you may have time to elevate your computers and electronics, there is also a chance the flood waters could rise above them. Your computers store valuable information for your business, from important financial information to personal employee information. You should have a plan in place in case your computer systems are destroyed. Utilizing data and cloud backups allows you to access the information from anywhere.

Have a Continuity Plan

After a flood, your business may have to close for a length of time. It is good to have a continuity plan in place. You should determine what equipment is needed to keep your business running outside of the building. This could be as simple as answering phones or as complex as distributing your product. All of your important files should be located off-site as well.

You can’t always stop flooding from occurring. However, you can make sure that despite the extensive flood damage, you can still restore your Schaumburg, IL, building and continue with your business going forward.

Filtering Mold Out of Your Home: Which Purifier Is Right for You?

5/24/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Filtering Mold Out of Your Home: Which Purifier Is Right for You? Secura 5-in-1 HEPA Air Purifier Cleaner

Mold is one of those things in life from which you just cannot hide. If you aren't vigilant, and if you do not take proactive measures, mold spores are bound to infiltrate your home and eat away at its structure. Fortunately, it doesn't take much to keep the fungus at bay. One way you can prevent mold growth is by investing in a quality air filtration system. The top three, in order of most to least expensive, are as follows:

  • Alen Breathesmart Classic Large Room Purifier
  • Alen T500 HEPA Air Purifier Pet Dander & Odor
  • Secura 5-in-1 HEPA Air Purifier Cleaner

What Makes Each Purifier Worthy of This List?

Read on To Find Out

Alen Breathesmart Classic

The Alen Breathesmart Classic is one of the pricier air purifiers on the market, but then again, it's effective. This system can purify an area up to 1100 square feet and kicks on every half hour. It utilizes WhisperMax technology and was designed and built by NASA engineers. The HEPA filter was designed to specifically prevent the reproduction of mold spores.

Alen T500 HEPA Purifier

As its name implies, this air filtration system purifies an area of up to 500 square feet. It too utilizes WhisperMax Technology and is equipped with an Ozone Safe Ion Feature. This feature allows the unit to clean the air quickly and effectively via the use of negative ions. You can choose from three different fan speeds when running this unit. The price of this item is middle-of-the-road.

Secura 5-in-1 HEPA Purifier

This unit may have a small price tag, but it does mighty things. Thanks to the 5-in-1 filtration arrangement, it features a true HEPA filter, a pre-filter, a carbon filter, a negative ion generator and a cold catalyst filter. You have your choice of three fan speeds and can set the system to automatically turn on and off after one, two or four hours. It claims to clean 99.9% of mold spores, pet dander, dust, pollen and household odors.

If you discover mold prior to buying an air filtration system, don't panic. Contact your Hanover Park,IL, mold remediation team for fast assistance.

Safety Tips for Escaping a Home Fire With Kids

5/21/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Safety Tips for Escaping a Home Fire With Kids Always make an escape plan for your home

Whether you have very young children who depend on you or older children who can possibly fend for themselves, the best way to ensure your kids’ safety if a fire ever occurs in your home in Bloomingdale, IL, is to prepare ahead of time. This guide includes tips on how to help very young children keep safe in a fire and how to teach older children what to do in a fire.

Protecting Children Under the Age of Five

Understandably, babies, toddlers, and preschoolers under the age of five are the most vulnerable in the case of home fire. Depending on the age and maturity level of your child, it can be very difficult to teach your young child how to escape a fire on their own. This is why it’s important you first prepare your home for a fire:

  • Keep doors closed at night
  • Clear exits of any toys or other items
  • Install all the necessary fire alarms, especially outside every sleeping area
  • Ensure kids’ safety by teaching children ovens, lighters, and candles are not toys

Protecting Older Children

Older children should be given consistent education on how to safely escape from a house fire. Always make an escape plan for your home, so your children will know exactly what to do in a fire. Also, teach them to never open the door unless there is no sign of heat or smoke and they can’t feel warmth with the back of hand on the door or from the doorknob. Make sure they know to never reenter the home for objects after they escape and that the fire fighters and fire cleanup specialists will take care of their home and personal belongings.

The best way to keep your child safe in a house fire is to prepare your home for the worst case scenario, come up with a family plan, and teach your child important fire kids’ safety skills.

Checking Your Commercial Building

5/9/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Checking Your Commercial Building Condensation around windows is common during the winter months

Exterior Maintenance Tips

If you are a building administrator or business owner in Schaumburg,IL, you are responsible for the conditions at your worksite. Take a look at the following exterior maintenance tips in order to prevent unnecessary downtime.

1. Pay Attention

Some of the most obvious signs of a building in disrepair are right under your nose. Have you noticed cracks along the drywall running from the doors or windows up to the ceiling? This can indicate issues with the settling of the foundation. Do you get excess condensation around windows, especially in winter months? This may indicate a lack of proper insulation or caulking around the frame. Keep your building maintained and it will reward you with longevity.

2. Water Issues

Another set of problems can come from water retention. During exterior maintenance, check for dampness along the walls and siding on the lowest floors of the building. If you notice any sort of moisture buildup or mold, then water may be entering the building from outside. This can put your property at increased risk for flood damage should a severe weather event arise. Notify a qualified flood cleanup professional if any liquids begin to pool. If a building inspection identifies an indoor flooding issue, distribute sump pumps throughout the basement or crawlspace.

3. Future Avoidance

Preventative landscaping can keep water entry from becoming a problem in the first place. Ensure that the slope of your roof and the grade of your lawn serve to direct water away from the building. Use ditches and swales effectively to stop creeks and puddles from forming during rainy weather. Add mulch or gravel to areas that are prone to erosion, especially those with clay or silt soils.

You can't expect your property to take care of itself. With the correct exterior maintenance process, you can extend the lifetime of your building materials and keep your business running smoothly.

3 Reasons You Need Business Insurance

4/26/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage 3 Reasons You Need Business Insurance Having the right policy can save your company a lot of money.

When you are thinking about taking out an insurance policy for your Schick,IL business, you may begin to wonder if this is really a necessary expense. Not having one will save your business money, right? The truth is, this is unlikely to be the case. There are many common problems, such as water damage, that can end up being quite costly for your business without insurance. Here are just a few situations when insurance will come in handy.

1. Storms and Natural Disasters

While there are some things you can do to prepare for a storm, they are unpredictable. Water damage can occur as the result of snow or ice buildup that leaks into the building as it melts. If you have cracks in the outside of your building, water can create moisture inside the walls and lead to structural damage as well as mold growth. In these cases, insurance will cover repairs and the cost of lost property.

2. Broken Equipment

If you have equipment that uses water, such as a dishwasher or a water cooler, it is possible that these could cause damage if they are broken. As long as the break is caused by a sudden and accidental incident, the repairs and water cleanup should be covered by insurance. However, this will not be the case if the equipment is not properly maintained and negligence played a role in the damage.

3. Plumbing Problems

Another common problem in commercial buildings is plumbing issues. Broken pipes and backed up drains can both cause damage to your property. As with equipment, as long as the problem is not caused by negligence and improper maintenance, your insurance policy should cover the necessary repairs.
Because damage from water can be extensive and contribute to long-term problems such as weakened building structure and mold growth, it is a good idea to get an insurance policy to cover any potential damage. If you need to hire a water damage remediation specialist to do repairs, having the right policy can save your company a lot of money.

How Homeowners Can Prevent Winter Storm Damage

4/26/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How Homeowners Can Prevent Winter Storm Damage Winter weather can inflict on a home in Hanover Park, IL.

Preventative maintenance can limit the damage that winter weather can inflict on a home in Hanover Park, IL. Here are three measures homeowners can take to prepare for any conditions this season may bring, from below-freezing temperatures to a severe winter storm.

1. Maintain the Roof

A blizzard will test the condition of any roof. Three inches of dry snow can add up to 10 pounds per square foot to a roof, while wet snow can add up to 60 pounds per square foot. It is important to ensure that a roof is in good condition prior to the start of winter. Rather than risking a cave-in or collapse, it may be advisable to safely rake or sweep snow off of a roof to lighten the load.

Uneven attic and roof temperatures can also cause ice damming. Snow that melts and refreezes around the eaves can cause roof damage that leads to leaks. Roofers can recommend solutions for keeping an attic cool, insulated and ventilated. Homeowners should also make sure that gutters and downspouts are clear.

2. Protect Pipes

Pipes that run near exterior walls may require insulation. It is also important to maintain a consistent interior temperature no lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit. When temperatures dip below freezing, a homeowner should trickle faucets and leave cabinets that contain plumbing open.

3. Seal Doors and Windows

Severe damage may occur if an exterior door blows open during a winter storm. Properly-sealed doors and windows are also much more efficient. Weather stripping can reduce the amount of warm air that seeps out of a home and prevent condensation.

Homeowners should take measures to maintain the condition of a residence all year round to avoid the need for extensive repairs during the fall. If a blizzard or winter storm damages a residence in Hanover Park, IL, storm restoration specialists can quickly provide mitigation services.